Girls That Code Now and in the Future Come Join Us!

womencodingThe digital advancement in recruiting began in the 1990’s and has delivered us the new world of Social Media recruiting.

Thousands of job boards, company websites, job postings, and massive resume databases regurgitating the same data over and over again. This is the new challenge of how to recruit or get hired via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

There are many digital options but the issue of the “dark-hole resume submission”, “cultural fit” and the once silent of “gender bias” still exist ( both in jobs and pay ).

Much is being written about the need for women in high tech to be offered more development, management and high profile positions.  We agree wholeheartedly and encourage women to reach out and meet with recruiters and hiring managers face-to-face.
It’s time to look into the eyes of the future and show them who you are!

The job fair took a backseat in recruiting a few years ago and everyone seemed happy to not have to leave their desks ( this is a lazy perspective – hustlers know better ). The importance of “company culture” and “fit” cannot be determined by resumes alone. It’s easy to pass over a resume that has a “gender” identifier but it’s impossible to dismiss a person’s skills when you are looking them in the eye at a job fair.

The solution is the rebirth of the High-Tech Job Fair.It’s face-to-face, no “dark hole of resume submission”;  your “gender” will be as obvious as your skills.

If you are an employer or a job seeker in the Southern California area come and join us for this rebirth of “face-to-face” communication. We look forward to making something old new again!


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